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Drom Fragrance Profile Video

Welcome to the world of drom! Intoxicating. Multicultural. Emotional. Expressive. Pulsating. Dynamic. Surprising. Authentic. Exciting. Invigorating. Multifaceted. Inspiring. Electrifying. Sensual. Pleasurable. Stimulating. Fascinating. Just like life. Like drom! We invite you to find out more about our company’s philosophy and what we believe in, about the history of our family business, today’s global structure of drom, our creative heart – the perfumers – and last but not least our magnificent collection of historic fragrance flacons. Welcome to our world. Dr. Andreas Storp         Dr. Ferdinand Storp    President                         President

drom today: A Global Fragrance Authority

drom fragrances is a fragrance house in its purest form. All we do is create fragrances – for all possible applications, all possible clients, all over the world. We started as a family business in Munich/Germany almost a century ago and are currently managed by the family’s third generation. Today, we are present in Europe, North and South America, the Middle East, the Far East and Australia. We act in both a multicultural and intercultural fashion, from our five creative centers in New York, Paris, Munich, Sao Paulo and Guangzhou to our five international high-tech production sites to all other branches in over 40 countries. In addition to our daily business, we have also been exploring many visionary new roads for fragrances: Video stations, slot machines, game consoles with fragrance adapters, fragrance seats for movie theaters, fragrant e-mails, “corporate scents” for a company’s corporate identity – the creative energy of drom knows no limits. We see a fascinating future for fragrance experiences in business and entertainment. Although a lot of it is still visionary, we have already begun working towards its realization.

Our Philosophy: We Perfume Life

Our goal Perfecting the art of fragrance creation! Our approach Passion for innovation, maximum staff motivation, and raw materials of supreme quality. Our strength Striking fragrance compositions, ultra modern distillation and production methods, and maximum quality. Worldwide! We Live Quality Processing Our central raw materials purchasing and our own production sites on all major continents guarantee supreme quality and product safety. Whether it is a special concept or a large project – we plan meticulously and act accurately. At our fully computerized and automated production sites, thousands of fragrance substances wait to be fully developed into flamboyant fragrance creations. Within seconds, machines precisely compound the fragrance formula. Only the most precious natural essences are added by hand. It’s the perfect synthesis of creativity and high tech. In 1992 drom was one of the first companies in the cosmetics and perfume industry to certify its Quality Management (QM) system. Today, we still greatly exceed all legal requirements. Our quality control is centrally managed, documented, and made transparent via a wireless system. After all, our high-tech standard allows no room for errors.