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How to use FM World Sample Kit In this video I show what sample kits are available in FM World, what they contain and how to use them. White and Black samples are for the PURE collection that come in 50ml bottles for men and women. White is for perfumes for ladies, and black is for perfumes for men. We buy PURE collection at £9.50, we sell at £13.50 making a profit of £4. Gold and Silver samples are for the Luxury collection. Gold is for ladies perfumes and Silver is for mens perfumes. Luxury collection comes in different sizes and prices, the two examples I have on this video is 50ml Perfume for women and 100ml Eau de Parfum for men. We buy it at £11.80 sell at £16.99 making a profit of £5.19. IMPORTANT: do not let customer to smell directly from the sample vial Рput the perfume on their skin instead for better results. Also, do not throw away the sample kit code Рcall the FM Office on 02084517776 to register the sample kit code as soon as you have received it so that your status would be changed from Preferred Customer to Business Partner (only people with Business Partner status can recruit people into their team) For more info or to join contact: Gediminas 07737647668 from UK +447737647668 from abroad